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1. Alec and Jace had a training session.

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While they practiced their fighting skills, Jace admitted that he didn’t want to tell Clary the truth about their relationship yet. Meanwhile, Clary and Simon spent some time out in the sun before being informed that the Inquisitor wanted to speak to Valentine’s daughter.

2. Valentine was interrogated by the Clave.
Imogen Herondale, the Inquisitor, demanded the location of the Mortal Cup from Valentine. She treated Clary and Jace with suspicion and questioned their loyalty.

3. Later, while at a bar, the Inquisitor’s bodyguards were killed by a mysterious stranger.
He was also looking for the Cup. Who isn’t, these days?

4. Izzy fought her Yin Fen addiction while Luke dealt with some rebels in his pack.

Alec tried to help Izzy through the withdrawal symptoms, but she couldn’t stop herself from looking for another fix. Raphael refused her request for Vampire venom, and she almost attacked him. Meanwhile, Russell and other members of the pack blamed Luke for the Werewolves killed at the Institute battle. But Maia stood by his side.

5. A handsome Shadowhunter saved Izzy’s life.
While searching for more Vampire venom, Izzy encountered the same mysterious man who had killed the Inquisitor’s bodyguards. She fought him but he could sense her weakness from the withdrawal symptoms. Another Shadowhunter appeared on the scene and saved Izzy. He introduced himself as Sebastian.

6. Maia found out about Simon’s secret new ability.
Maia warned him to be careful around other Downworlders, as they would all be jealous of his chance to live a normal life. Alec visited Magnus and discovered that the murderous stranger was actually a Greater Demon called Azazel. After looking for Izzy, Alec began to suspect that Azazel had taken her.
7. Jace was forced to tell Clary the truth.
While they were interrogating Valentine to find out his connection to the Greater Demon, Jace had no choice but to admit that he and Clary were not actually related. Izzy spent time at Sebastian’s apartment where he gave her something to help speed up her recovery.

8. Jace dealt with his emotions while Izzy got to know Sebastian.
Alec tried to comfort his Parabatai who was facing the repercussions of telling Clary the truth. Sebastian shared some personal information about his relationship with his mother. Maia informed Luke that several members of the pack had left to set up their own group.

9. Raphael confronted Simon about the rumors going around the Shadow World.
He wanted to know if it was true that Simon was now a daylighter, something he’d only heard about in legends. When Simon refused to tell him how he had gained his new ability, Raphael warned him to watch his back.

10. Hoping to find Izzy, Magnus summoned the Greater Demon, Azazel.
After denying that he had taken Izzy, Azazel broke free of Magnus’ magic and Clary was unable to activate her rune ability to stop him. Azazel attacked the group, singling out both Magnus and Valentine. Jace managed to activate a rune without his stele, driving Azazel away.

11. Izzy finally called Alec to explain where she had gone.
He was relieved to hear she hadn’t been taken by the Greater Demon after all. She told him she would need to fight her addiction without his help. While she was on the phone, Sebastian held his hand over the gas stove as though he couldn’t feel the pain of the flames.

12. Clary and Jace discussed their relationship.
She wondered how he had activated the rune without a stele, and he said he didn’t know. He saw her in pain and had to act. She admitted that she had just gotten used to accepting Jace as her brother, and now she needed time to deal with the change of circumstances.

13. Magnus started acting very strangely.
He left the Institute abruptly, barely saying goodbye to Alec, and then walked around the city talking to himself. Meanwhile, Valentine begged his Shadowhunter guards for help. What did Azazel do to them?

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